People Perceptions and Paranoia in Calypso

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Gregory Ballantyne


Finds the dictum "perception is 100 percent reality" spoken to him by Wayne Hayde, "The Watchman", a very useful theme around which to build his contribution at this symposium on Carnival, Calypso, Chutney and Society in Contemporary Trinidad and Tobogo. His presentation under the heading Chutney and Chutney-Soca; Indian and Creole Perspectives, is entitled "People, Perceptions and Paranoia: A Personal Perspective". He says that, as a people, we must understand, accept and respect our differences while taking pride in each others' achievements and concludes by saying that racism and untouchability need to be displaced, so that all can maintain a respectful market share in the social and political milieu that is Trinidad and Tobago.

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