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Selwyn Ryan


This Special Issue of Caribbean Dialogue is devoted exclusively to an examination of issues related to international trade and the environment. The study focuses on the rapid emergence of environmental laws and regulations at the global level and in North America and Europe. Adjustments are required in Caribbean countries which can affect firm's competitiveness, particularly exporters. Policymakers also have to meet obligations under Multilateral Environmental Agreements which have economic effects.

This Special Issue of the journal is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Social and Economic Research and the Centre for Environmental Development (UWI CED) which is based at The University of the West Indies in Jamaica. It represents an attempt to provide Caribbean policy makers with information about, and analyses of, some of the key issues that are currently on the trade negotiation agenda in the hope that it would assist them in framing their responses as they interact with other policymakers. ISER wishes to thank the Director of UWICED, Dr. Bishnodat Persaud for his assistance in funding the research that generated the article and its publication.

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