Caribbean Energy Sector: Review and Perspectives - Part II - Electricity

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Trevor M. Boopsingh
Trevor A. Byer
Gerald Richards
Chandrabhan Sharma


The critical energy requirement for any country in the next century be it developed, developing or underdeveloped, is that of Electricity. The indispensable nature of electricity to the use of the information technologies, whether its use is in entertainment, marketing, communication, raw data transmission or as a method for effecting cultural or education changes in the lifestyles of the many and very diverse peoples of the world is already evident, six years prior to the next century. Some perspectives on the global technology trends in the provision of this critical commodity is therefore critical, if practical, viable and realistic proposals for meeting the energy needs of the Caribbean are to be had. The supply of electrical energy in economic and affordable terms to meet basic needs and facilitate economic growth in the developing countries is a major challenge to the global energy community. In particular, it requires the mobilization of appropriate local and global finance and the relevant transfer of technology to the developing nations on one hand, and the establishment of stable institutional arrangements and appropriate economic policies and measures by these nations to attract such technology and financing, on the other.

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