The EPA: Implications for CARICOM Trade Negotiations

Nancy Pierre-Campo


This paper begins with an examination of the EPA with a view to pinpointing the contentious terms and conditions which have sparked concern among regional stakeholders. The provisions of the EPA are analyzed in the context of its impact on the CSME and the CARICOM-DR Bilateral Agreement. With negotiations having already begun for the conclusion of a Free Trade Agreement between Canada and CARICOM the constraints placed on these negotiations as result of the EPA are looked at. The Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) was due to expire on 30 September 2008 and according to the website of the United States Trade Representative it has been granted a waiver to 30 September 2010. Once again the impact of the EPA on these negotiations is considered. The paper closes with thought given to the impact on prospective agreements with the larger developing countries and a prognosis for the future.

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