The European Union Economic Support for Women and Children in Jamaica 2004

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Camille Daley


This paper reviews the official development assistance provided by the European Union (EU) Delegation to Jamaica during the year 2004. The European Delegation in Jamaica was established in 1976, one year after the first Lome convention was signed with African, Caribbean and Pacific nations who were former colonies of the EU. Since then the EU has been the largest donor of grant funds to Jamaica. The EU estimates that 666 million euros in financial assistance have been provided to the island since 1975, and this figure does not include funds provided by bilateral cooperation from EU member states, regional programmes or Lome trade preferences or protocols (EU 2006). The EU priority areas for the period 2002-2007 include support to the banana industry, rural infrastructure development, macro-economic support, private sector development, poverty reduction and road improvement/highway construction.

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