Attitudes Towards Parties and Governance in Guyana

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Selwyn Ryan


Should Guyana be governed by one party, a coalition of all parties, or a coalition of opposition parties? Should the country be annexed by the United States which many refer to as Region II? A small plurality, 24 per cent, believed that a PPP/Civic government is the best way for Guyana to be governed at the present time. Seventeen per cent felt that a PNC/Reform government was the best option for Guyana. Only ten per cent would welcome a coalition between the PPP and the PNC, with another 12 per cent preferring a coalition of all existing parties or a "National Front" Government as suggested by ROAR. Another coalitional option, "a coalition of all opposition parties," excluding the PPP/Civic was endorsed by 4 per cent of the sample. Four per cent felt Guyana should be annexed, while another 6 per cent favoured a "non-party" government. Fourteen per cent could not say what was best for Guyana, while 6 per cent refused to offer an opinion.

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