Policy for Youth Re-integration Into Society

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Innette Cambridge


"Living 18 and Beyond!" is the name of a pilot project that was conducted at St. Mary's Children Home, Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago to assist youth from custodial care re-integrate into society. The programme consists of modules for life skill training designed to address the needs of young persons and their significant others both in the residential setting and in communities where they will return.  These modules attempt to prepare the young person, his/her caregivers in the institution and his/her prospective caregivers within communities to cope more effectively with the process of the ex-resident reintegrating into society. The substantive content of the programme was identified by professionals who have worked with children and young adults who leave care. Social work research in child welfare also contributed significantly to the final programme. Presently, plans are being made to share the experiences of this effort with other custodial care institutions throughout the Caribbean.

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