Vol. 29 (2022)

Student Voice as Inclusive Curricular Practice in a Technology Course

Roland Birbal
University of Trinidad and Tobago
Iris Hewitt-Bradshaw
University of Trinidad and Tobago
Freddy James
University of the West Indies St. Augustine

Published 2023-03-15


  • student voice,
  • learner feedback,
  • pedagogy,
  • curriculum,
  • Action Research,
  • equity,
  • inclusion
  • ...More

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Student Voice as Inclusive Curricular Practice in a Technology Course. (2023). Caribbean Curriculum, 29, 165-186. https://journals.sta.uwi.edu/ojs/index.php/cc/article/view/8113


Institutions of higher learning often recommend learner-centered pedagogies that cater for student diversity. This article demonstrates how including students’ perspectives in curricular review can help achieve this goal. The study was conducted using action research to monitor and incorporate student voice in the design and delivery of a technology course in a master’s program in teacher education. Drawing on intersecting theories from the field, including equity, inclusion, action research, and student voice research, we used McKernan’s spiral model to reflect on and redesign the course outline across two cohorts. Two phases of interrelated investigations of students’ perceptions and responses to course content, strategies, and assessment methods employed face-to-face interviews, focus group interviews and the student evaluation of teaching (SEOT) survey to provide data for analysis. Students’ perspectives were included in modifications of the course to improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement. The process of eliciting and responding to students’ perceptive and constructive insights allowed an additional source of feedback apart from faculty review. There was increased student satisfaction with the redesigned course across cohorts, with more positive experiences reported. We believe that these results validate the use of action research in higher education to stimulate teacher reflection and engage students in curricular review and change to enhance learning.