COUNTER-HEGEMONIC PEDAGOGICAL PRACTICE: The Role of Caribbean Emancipatory Pedagogy


  • Mervin Everton Chisholm The University of the West Indies, Mona Kingston 7 Jamaica


Caribbean Emancipatory Pedagogy, Resistance, Empowerment, Recuperative Justice, Counter-hegemonic Pedagogy


In this paper, the role of Caribbean Emancipatory Pedagogy (CEP) is discussed. A wide cross section of literature focusing on Caribbean educational development, particularly in relation to how it can be understood as a source for liberation on multiple fronts, was reviewed. Accordingly, I have situated CEP within critical pedagogy and the Caribbean intellectual tradition that focuses on education as a source of liberation. In this regard, three of the major roles of CEP are outlined. These are empowerment, providing a recuperative space for the oppressed, and resistance to new forms of enslavement. The issues of hegemony, the counter-hegemonic struggle, and the impact of colonialism on the lives of Caribbean people are engaged.  The need for liberation is underscored. There are recommendations for how CEP might be operationalised by dialogical pedagogical engagements and embracing practice as organic intellectuals. 

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Mervin Everton Chisholm, The University of the West Indies, Mona Kingston 7 Jamaica


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The University of the West Indies,Mona