Vol. 27 (2020): Special Issue: Action Research

The Impact of Literacy Strategies on Form 1 Secondary Students' Motivation and Performance in Integrated Science

Ambika Sandhya Persad
Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma

Published 2020-12-30


  • Literacy Strategies,
  • Motivation in Science,
  • Student Performance


In this work, literacy strategies were used to teach a unit of integrated science to a group of 30 form 1 secondary school students of ages 12-14 in Trinidad and Tobago. Student motivation questionnaires and pre and post intervention scores were used to determine (1) the effect of literacy strategies on students’ levels of motivation in Integrated Science, and (2) the impact of literacy strategies on the academic performance of the students in Integrated Science. Pre and post test scores as well as student motivation questionnaires were used to assess the impact of the intervention on students’ levels of performance and motivation levels. Comparison of pre and post intervention scores revealed that 83% of the class scores improved after the intervention. Statistical analysis using t-test also showed that the use of literacy strategies had a positive impact on both performance and motivation levels. The findings from this study offer promise for the use of literacy strategies for improving motivation and student performance in Integrated Science.