Teachers' Treatment of Three Types of Knowledge in the Design of Primary Science Instructional Materials

Olabisi Kuboni


This paper examines teachers' treatment of declarative, conceptual and procedural knowledge in the design of primary science instructional materials. The materials reviewed represent a subset of work done by a group of primary school teachers as part of the requirements for assessment in a short course in materials production. The teachers were participating in this course as part of the professional upgrading exercise being implemented as a result of the establishment of a national Learning Resource Centre in Trinidad and Tobago. The examination of the materials revealed both strengths and weaknesses in the teachers' capability to understand and deal with the knowledge types inherent in the instructional content. The paper concludes by drawing attention to the implications of this exercise for curriculum change, evaluation of instructional design procedures and overall role definition within the context of the Learning Resource Centre.


Primary School Science; Teaching Materials; Materials Preparation; Trinidad and Tobago; Primary School Teachers

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