Vol. 6 No. 2 (1996)

An Overview of Some Factors Which Affect Methodology When Preparing Print Materials for Distance Teaching

Alan Persico
University of Guyana


  • Distance Education,
  • Materials Preparation,
  • Teaching Materials


This paper focuses on some key factors and issues which must be considered when plans are being made to develop materials for distance teaching. Some areas of similarity and of difference between face-to-face teaching and distance teaching are first highlighted and discussed. Special attention is paid to ways of writing, structuring, and presenting material so as to stimulate the learner to further enquiry and minimize the possibility of dropout. In this regard, the quality and meaningfulness of tutor comments on learners' assignments are seen to be particularly important. The paper ends with some questions normally considered when a currriculum is being designed, and emphasizes the fact that those questions are also quite applicable when developing distance teaching materials.