The Preventive Approach to Special Education as Applied to Gifted Exceptionality: A Focus on Assessment

Natasha Mohammed


Literature on the Preventive Approach to Special Education usually refers to low ability exceptionality or to integration in general. This paper presents an application of the Preventive Model of delivering services to gifted students in the school setting, with a focus on assessment from a Preventive perspective, specific to gifted exceptionality. The paper describes the Preventive Model, discusses the model as it applies to gifted identification and assessment, and highlights the strenghts and concerns of the model with respect to gifted education. The Preventive Approach is compared to three perspectives on intelligence to facilitate an appreciation of the sensitivity of this approach towards giftedness and, ultimately, the assessment of gifted students. The paper concludes with recommendations for gifted education in Trinidad and Tobago.


Academically Gifted; Student Evaluation; Exceptional Student Education; Special Education; Educational Models; Trinidad and Tobago

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