Vol. 8 (2001)

Women and Education in the English-speaking Caribbean, 1990-2000: An Annotated Bibliography

Janet Fullerton-Rawlins
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus


  • Women's Education,
  • Bibliographies,
  • Caribbean


This selected bibliography reviews some of the work produced in this field during the 10-year period 1900-2000, and shows the development and trends in study and research in the field of women and education in the English-speaking Caribbean. It should serve as a guide to some of the important research papers and analyses done in this field during this 10-year span. The bibliography is divided into three sections: (a) a brief look at the history of education of girls in the Caribbean; (b) a brief overview of the literature on girls/women and education in the Caribbean; and (c) the bibliography entries, arranged thematically by general materials, and materials on performance/achievement, administration, and higher education. An addendum is provided, which lists some items that appear important to research in this area, but which were unavailable for review. The bibliographical details for some of these items are, therefore, incomplete.