Reflections of Science Teachers in an In-Service Teacher Education Programme

Joycelyn Rampersad, Susan Herbert


This instrumental case study was conducted to determine the nature and levels of science teachers' reflections during a year-long in-service postgraduate Diploma in Education programme. Four science teachers comprised the case. The data were analyzed inductively through a process of open coding and categorizing to determine patterns and themes. Van Manen's (1977) framework was used to determine the levels of reflections. The following themes emerged: "Confronting fears/limitations/insecurities;" "Student take centre stage;" "Try something new;" and "Breaking down barriers." The four teachers reflected at all levels - technical, practical, and emancipatory. However, only two teachers reflected at the emancipatory level. These findings have implications for the manner in which we, as science teacher educators, facilitate the development of the reflective habit.


Reflection; Diploma in Education Programme, UWI St. Augustine; Science Teachers; Inservice Teacher Education; Trinidad and Tobago

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