Vol. 22 (2014)

Linguistic Landscape as a Language Learning and Literacy Resource in Caribbean Creole Contexts

Iris Hewitt-Bradshaw
University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)


  • Language Education,
  • Creole Speaking Students,
  • Linguistic Landscape,
  • Teaching Methods,
  • Caribbean


Linguistic landscape (LL) refers to multimodal texts displayed in public places and spaces. It encompasses the range of language use in a speech community. This paper applies aspects of the concept of LL to Caribbean Creole language environments, and discusses a range of texts that can inform teacher classroom pedagogy and the design of teaching resources in language and literacy education. More specifically, the paper explores how public, out-of-school texts can be utilized in school settings to develop students' critical language awareness and increase their communicative competence. It is suggested that increased use of images from the environment in language and literacy instruction has the potential to make the process of language learning more motivating and appealing to Caribbean students.