Vol. 22 (2014)

The Influence of a Music Intervention Programme on Self-Esteem and Enhancing Students' Experiences in an Urban School Within an Under-Resourced Community (A Pilot Study)

Loraine D. Cook
The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus
O'Neal Mundle
The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus


  • Adolescents,
  • Urban Students,
  • Disadvantaged Children,
  • Self Concept,
  • Music in Education,
  • Intervention Programmes,
  • Jamaica
  • ...More


This study sought to invesigate the impact of engagement in music activities on students' self-esteem. The 42 students who participated attended a remedial school for adolescents, located in an inner-city community. They were exposed to a music intervention programme for one semester. The study utilized a multi-method approach, in that students were observed and interviewed during the intervention programme and, in addition, pre- and post-tests were carried out using Rosenbergs' self-esteem instruments. The findings so far suggest that students and teachers felt that the music experience enhanded their academic experience.