ISSN: 2411-216X (Online), 2411-3301 (Print)
Volume 1, Number 1 : Special Theme - Celebrating the Caribbean in Communication, Culture and Community
Original Research Articles
The Global and the Local in Trinidad and Tobago's Indian Music Format Radio
Shaheed Nick Mohammed and Avinash Thombre

An exploratory investigation of Trinidad and Tobago's Indian music format radio stations in 2003 found that despite the stations' use of foreign music and the ability to broadcast globally, their focus remained local. New media, while available to the stations, did not seem to fundamentally affect the scope of the broadcasts at that time. The intervening decade has seen maturation of these stations and the further spread of globalized media technologies including social media. The present study examines and compares the content of these stations ten years later with particular reference to whether they have expanded their scope in keeping with the global reach of the Internet-based technologies. In the present paper the authors employ content analysis of radio programming to evaluate the interplay of local and global forces and how those are reflected in Indian music format radio in Trinidad and Tobago.

Keywords: Radio; New Media; Trinidad and Tobago; Social Media; India