Online ISSN: 2221-7886

Volume 5, Number 1 (2016)
"Bridget Brereton's Gendered Historiography of Caribbean History"
Gelien Matthews
The contributions of Professor Emerita Bridget Brereton in securing an autonomous space for the study of women and gender in Caribbean history have been phenomenal. She established, developed and taught a full-fledged women and gender history course. She constructed a much-needed Caribbean historiographical survey of the scholarship involved in the engendering process. She advanced the women authored text approach as a sound methodology for making women visible in the region’s history. Additionally, she published several scholarly treatises carefully tracing the experiences and roles of Caribbean women in the past and she produced a number of postgraduate MPhil and PhD students who successfully completed gender centric dissertations. Consequently, to deepen the understanding of, and appreciation for, Caribbean women and gender history while paying homage to Professor Brereton’s critical role in this academic field, these achievements will be closely scrutinized in this paper.