Call for Papers

The Caribbean Teaching Scholar (CTS) invites submissions for its upcoming issues. CTS is an annual, peer reviewed journal which focuses on research and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), with particular relevance to the Caribbean region. Formally a bi-annual publication available in April and November, the journal is now available in December and is published by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

CTS provides a forum for research expression, intended to encourage practitioners at the tertiary level to become more reflective and scholarly in their approach to the discipline of teaching and learning.

Papers are invited in any of the following categories: contemporary research; theoretical papers; position papers; literature reviews, and book reviews. The journal also publishes occasional ‘Tales from the Field’ that illustrate scholarly reflections from a practitioner perspective. The editorial team will decide on the appropriateness of the submission prior to forwarding for review. Submissions will be subject to double blind peer review by two academic referees. Manuscripts may be accepted for publication, accepted subject to minor revisions, invited to resubmit following major revisions or rejected.

Style. Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman 10 point font. The main title of the article should be in Times New Roman 12 point font. Headings should be bold Times New Roman 10 point font, sentence case and sub-headings should be italicised Times New Roman 10 point font, sentence case. The abstract, keywords, tables, titles of figures and tables should be in Times New Roman 8 point font. Page numbering should be centred at the bottom of the page. References should conform to the guidelines set in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (sixth edition).

Categories of manuscript
Contemporary Research papers should not exceed 6000 words. They are expected to report research in teaching and/or learning from a Caribbean perspective and should adhere to standard research writing conventions. They should be fully supported through reference to data and literature.

Theoretical Papers should not exceed 4000 words. They are expected to offer a scholarly perspective on an aspect of teaching and/or learning in the Caribbean that is not necessarily drawn from research data. They should be supported through reference to relevant literature.

Position Papers should not exceed 4000 words. They should debate an aspect of teaching and/or learning in the Caribbean by discussing both sides of the issue but clearly substantiating the position taken. The debate should be supported by reference to relevant, current literature and/or data.

Book Reviews should not exceed 1500 words. They should offer a clear and succinct overview of a piece of writing that is relevant to teaching and/or learning in the Caribbean - highlighting significant parts of the text and their relevance to teaching scholars.

Submission of manuscripts.Authors should email two versions of their manuscript to One version should give the name, institutional affiliation(s), and email addresses of the author(s), while the other should be devoid of all information that identifies the author(s) in order to facilitate the blind peer review process.

Ethical conduct.Submission of work to the Caribbean Teaching Scholar will be taken to imply that authors acknowledge and accept that papers are considered for publication on the basis that:

  • The work is original and is not being considered or reviewed for publication elsewhere
  • Due regard has been paid to ethical considerations
  • The work contains no libellous or unlawful statements