Volume 1 (December 2013)

Ms. Jennifer Joseph - University Librarian, The University of the West Indies

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to introduce the publication of the Caribbean Library Journal (CLJ), a first for the librarians of The University of the West Indies, the largest regional University of the English-speaking Caribbean. This journal has received the support of all the Campus Librarians of the four campuses of our regional University as well as the Chief Librarian of the University of Trinidad and Tobago. It is anticipated that the publication of the CLJ will have a positive impact and herald that libraries in the Caribbean are a rich source of research and best practices in the field and in the use of technology that has revolutionized information services across the globe.

This online journal is therefore poised to become the main vehicle for the interrogation of ideas and discourse on issues specific to libraries and librarianship in the Caribbean. It will be the main forum for Caribbean nationals in the diaspora to share relevant practices, experiences and perspectives on issues facing the library world; and will provide an additional avenue for our growing number of professionals to publish their research and ideas, thereby contributing to the body of literature on library and information practices.

The introduction of a new journal in any discipline is no easy task and is certainly not for the fainthearted! It entails the development of a sound editorial team and reputable reviewers, soliciting suitable articles and the painstaking task of editing. The gestation period for the CLJ has been long. However, due to the determination and commitment of Lorraine Nero and Frank Soodeen of the Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus, their clarion call to the professionals of the other campuses and their team of international and regional reviewers, we can now launch this inaugural issue.

A high academic standard is guaranteed as the editors are committed to rigorous, dispassionate and critical evaluation of the articles submitted and the appropriate peer review process.

I say thank you to all the contributors, the editorial team and in particular, to Lorraine and Frank for their hard work and commitment to the process. Special thanks to Lorraine for reviving the 2005 dream and leading its re-awakening!