• Volume 5, Number 1/2 (1999)
  • Foreword
  • Special Issue on Competition Law and Policy
    Taimoon Stewart
  • Articles
  • Competition Law and Policy
    Mervyn Assam
  • Competition Policy and Restrictive Business Practices: Introduction and Review of UNCTAD's Work
    Philippe Brusick
  • Control of Cartels, Abuse of Dominance and Mergers: The French Experience
    Francois Souty
  • Promoting Conformity with the Canadian Competition Act: From Transborder Cartels to Fair Advertising of Consumer Products
    Dominique Burlone
  • Competition Law and Extra-territorial Enforcement: Offense or Defense?
    Paul H. Karlsson
  • Why the Need for Competition Legislation?
    A.B. Stewart Stephenson
  • Competition Policy and Law in CARICOM: Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago
    Roger Moore
  • WTO Working Group on Trade and Competition Policy: Development and International Co-orporation Issues
    Robert D. Anderson
  • The State of Play in the FTAA and Post-Lome Negotiations on Competition Policy: Considerations for Cariforum Countries
    Taimoon Stewart
  • International Co-operation On Competition Law and Policy: Implications for Developing Countries in Regional Groups
    Rajan Dhanjee
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Co-operation on Competition Matters: Speaking Notes
    Dominique Burlone
  • European Competition Policy and the Citizen
    Mario Monti
  • CARICOM Competition Policy Regime: Implementation Concerns
    Taimoon Stewart
  • Competition Policy: Implications for CARICOM Single Market and Economy
    Ivor Carryl