• Volume 3, Number 4 (1998)
  • Foreword
  • Preface
    Selwyn Ryan, Roy McCree
  • Articles
  • The State and Cultural Policy in Trinidad and Tobago
    Daphne Phillips
  • Calypso and Politics in Trinidad and Tobago 1996-1998
    Selwyn Ryan
  • Calypso: The Anatomy of Controversy
    Louis Regis
  • People Perceptions and Paranoia in Calypso
    Gregory Ballantyne
  • Lurching Towards a Race War
    Wayne Hayde (Watchman)
  • Race and Racism in Trinidad and Tobago: A Comment
    Frances Henry
  • Discussions
    Kamla Tewarie
  • Calypso and Gender
    Hazel Thompson-Ahye
  • Discussions
    Winston Peters (Gypsy)
  • The Development of Indian Music in Trinidad and Tobago
    Mungal Patasar
  • The Development of Pitchakaree in Trinidad and Tobago
    Kendra Ravindranath Maharaj (Ravi Ji)
  • Calypso and Chutney: Parallel Development and Integration
    Unanan Persad
  • Discussions
    Selwyn Ryan
  • Creole and Post-Creole: The Music of Carnival
    Burton Sankeralli
  • Carnival Calypso and Ethnicity
    Roy Mc Cree
  • Discussions
    Roy Mc Cree
  • Appendix
  • Selected Calypsos and Pitchakaree songs
    Gregory Ballantyne