Social Investment in Children in Jamaica: An Analysis of Overseas Development Agencies' Expenditure 2005/2006
Sandra Goulbourne

The IBRD and IDB may not have been the most visible nor the premier Overseas Development Agencies (ODAs) (it is felt that UNICEF focused primarily on children) expending funds on issues affecting children in Jamaica in 2005/06, nevertheless, they have made significant contributions to the government of Jamaica's Medium Term Socio-economic Policy Framework strategies in the areas of education, social safety net programmes, community safety and security efforts. In addition, the expenditures of these organizations have also contributed to the government of Jamaica's ensuring and preserving the rights of children and women (indirectly benefiting children) as embodied in the international Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Millennium Development Goals and CEDAW as committed to and espoused by Jamaica through its various local Acts and Laws.

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