Harmonization of Data: Lessons from Major International Organizations
Chandra Sitahal Aleong, John Aleong
This paper discusses the importance of research into the design, maintenance and implementation of a metadata system that would integrate national and regional data and the development of statistical measures like the Consumer Price Index (CPI), that are meaningful and relevant to current CARICOM economies. the end product is a statistical metadata repository that is robust enough to accommodate changes over time.

The paper is structured in the following way. First, there is be an overview of the strategic plans of two organizations that have had to design, maintain and enhance very sophisticated data systems. Developments in managing large censuses; issues of privacy and confidentiality; standardization of statistical terminology and methodology; and the need for common legislation that would enable all of this to be accomplished are some of the issues discussed. Finally there is an examination of the existing databases of CARICOM countries and a discussion of the computation, the problems, and the need for further research on the consumer price index and its adaptation to CARICOM.
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