Print ISSN: 1017-5636

Online ISSN: 2412-558X

Volume 26 : (2018/2019)
Teachers’ Reports on Student's Personality Profile: Validity and Reliability of School–Age Temperament Inventory
Loraine Dale Cook and Garth Lipps

This study aimed to assess the reliability of the Teacher School-Age Temperament Inventory (T-SATI) in a Caribbean context. A principal component analysis using varimax rotation was performed on data provided by 16 teachers who reported on 163 elementary school students. The results from the study supported four temperament dimensions which could be described as representing negative reactivity, task persistence, distractibility, and withdrawal. Cronbach alphas for the dimensions ranged from .774 to .920.  The T-SATI can provide teachers with the means of recognizing the temperament of students so that teachers can better select behavioural management strategies in providing goodness-for-fit classroom context for children.

Keywords: Teacher School-Age Temperament Inventory (T-SATI). Early Childhood, Classroom Management