Print ISSN: 1017-5636

Online ISSN: 2412-558X

Volume 9 (2002)

  • Articles

  • Pre-Reading Skills in Trinidad and Tobago Students in the First Three Years of School

    Frank C. Worrell, Marley W. Watkins, Tim J. Runge and Tracey E. Hall

  • Evaluation of the Delivery of a University Foundation Course in a Third World Society: Science, Medicine, and Technology in Society

    Angela G. Shirley

  • Managing a Paradigm Shift in Language Arts Pedagogy: A Case Study of Effective Literacy Practice

    Krishna Seunarinesingh

  • At Risk for Failure in Medical School: Developing a Student Support System in Higher Education

    Jerome De Lisle

  • Mass Media and the Diffusion of Curriculum Innovations

    Patricia Worrell

  • Notes on Contributors

  • Notes on Contributors