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Secondary Science Teachers' Metaphors: A Case Study, Part 1
Susan Herbert
This case study sought to gain insights into a group of secondary science teachers' conceptions of teaching through an analysis of their metaphors. In addition, lesson plans, classroom observations, and artifacts produced during the year-long Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed.) programme were analysed. The data were analysed by reading the metaphor in context and against its obvious meaning to allow multiple meanings to emerge, and by coding to determine patterns, themes, and significant events. The findings revealed the multiple interpretations of teachers' metapors and also that teachers' metaphors were similar to and different from those reported in the literature. In addition, teacher' actions did not always match the behavours implied by the initial interpretation of the metaphor. The mismatch was neither positve or negative in relation to contemporary learning theories. The implications for teacher educators' actions are discussed.
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